CO2ONE Complete CO2 system (in-tank)

CO2ONE Complete CO2 system (in-tank)

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Our CO2ONE system is a fresh new approach to pressurized CO2. Designed for convenience and accessibility - it doesn’t require a specialized gas tank (though it’s compatible with all CO2 sources). 

You can just get a common SodaStream canister from the grocery store and you have a fully functional professional grade CO2 System with no compromises. Everything you need is in the box and in 30 minutes you’ll be running a high end pressurized CO2 system that is easier than putting in a new filter.  

If you’ve ever wanted the explosive plant growth that only pressurized CO2 can unleash but thought it was just too complicated, expensive and impractical - think again. CO2ONE is so easy and affordable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

This kit comes with an in-tank diffuser and is compatible with tanks that do not use an external canister filter. If you have a canister filter and an aquarium larger than 70 gallons, consider our in-line system. The in-tank version can be used in any aquarium set-up, including those with external canister filters.

 Complete kit includes:

State-of-the-art regulator with adjustable pressure (0-70 psi) for any application.

  • Balanced poppet spring design for consistent working pressure and no end of tank dumps.

  • DC Solenoid for silent, cool operation (replaceable) and automatic timing with your lights

  • Precision needle valve for easy control of flow rate

  • Included bubble counter and check valve

  • Interchangeable inlet mount allows you to use any CO2 source

3 meters of specialized CO2 proof high pressure tubing

Choice of 3 of the best in tank diffusers on the market

Handblown low-profile glass drop-checker to monitor your CO2 concentration

Lab grade 4dKh indicator solution for reliable CO2 readings

Stainless steel check valve designed for pressurized CO2

Glass U-Bend for tanks rimless or rimmed tanks to make your setup look neat and tid 

Stainless steel multi-wrench for CO2 installation and maintenance (the only tool you'll ever need)

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