Red Head Tapajos (Geophagus)
Red Head Tapajos (Geophagus)
Red Head Tapajos (Geophagus)
Red Head Tapajos (Geophagus)

Red Head Tapajos (Geophagus)

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Geophagus Red Tapajos Eartheater is a hardy fish with a great personality. They are compatible with many fish and are very active. They thrive and show best coloration in a group of 5-6.  They require a soft, sandy substrate and plenty of hiding spots. Gravel and other larger substrates can damage the gills and organs of this fish as it feeds.

Common Name
Geophagus Red Tapajos
Scientific Name
Geophagus sp "Orange Head Tapajos"
Wild Origin
Lower Rio Tapajos, Brazil
Maximum Size
15-20cm / 1.2inch
Tank Parameters:
pH 4 - 7
gH 5 - 15
TDS 100 - 600
21 to 28°C or 68 to 82.4 °F

Temperament: Great community fish. Males can be territorial in spawn season. Females are very protective of their eggs. 
Breeding: Intermediate
Difficulty: Easy

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