High pressure acrylic CO2 diffuser 2 in 1

High pressure acrylic CO2 diffuser 2 in 1

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Our high pressure acrylic 2 in 1 diffuser is an innovative, gasketed design that produces large amounts of CO2 micro-bubbles without any leakage!

The diffusion membrane is joined to the body with an elastomer gasket sealing ring which ensures that all CO2 passes through the microporous ceramic. The thread and gasket design is adjustable in case of sudden temperature changes for 100% leak proof protection. 

The sealed design allows this diffuser to process an large amount of high pressure CO2, great for higher bubble rates and larger aquariums

Like our NANO acrylic diffuser, this model also comes with an integrated bubble counter for checking your CO2 flow rate at a glance.

The protruding design of the ceramic membrane dramatically reduces clogging and algae growth compared to the recessed membranes of glass diffusers so all of your CO2 flows through the membrane and not around it. In case of a clog, the diffusion plate is removable and can be easily cleaned by soaking overnight in bleach.

This diffuser produces a steady stream of bubbles and is ideal for strategic placement just in under a filter or powerhead intake for extremely effective CO2 delivery directly to your plants. 

Services 10 - 150 gallons.

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