Hikari® Bio-Pure FD KRILL - Wet Habitat

Hikari® Bio-Pure FD KRILL

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Whole Krill, Excellent For Most Larger Freshwater & Marine Fish. A pharmaceutically freeze dried food loaded with multi-vitamin offering superior nutrition and palatability.


  1. Look for the natural, bright orange color signifying the superior quality only Hikari can offer. 
  2. Exclusive, pharmaceutical grade freeze-drying process allows to maintain the original taste, texture and nutrition of the live animal. An excellent alternative to live food, free of foul odor and parasites offering excellent nutrition without risk.
  3. Loaded with multi-vitamins to improve the overall health of your pet while reducing stress and stress related disease.
  4. Nitrogen charging and oxygen absorbers packed inside each can maintain freshness while reducing the chances of fatty acid oxidation common with competitive items.
  5. Lower sodium levels than most competitive brands.
  6. Rich in Astaxanthin, a natural color enhancing food.
  7. The whole krill quickly hydrate to their nature state when put in water.

Recommended for:

Marine fish, turtles, frogs and larger freshwater fish.

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