Inline solenoid for CO2 (WYIN)

Inline solenoid for CO2 (WYIN)

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Automatically turn your CO2 system on and off with your lights by attaching this convenient in-line solenoid valve to your CO2 tubing. Perfect for those disposable cartridge kits or any other CO2 regulator that does not have a built-in solenoid valve. Plug this into a timer and stop fiddling with your regulator every morning. 

CO2 is only necessary when the lights are on and plants are photosynthesizing. We always recommend cutting off CO2 at night when plants (and animals) are respiring and consuming oxygen. Even if it doesn't hurt your aquarium inhabitants, it's a huge waste of CO2 which is already very expensive with disposable cartridges. Synchronizing CO2 to your lights for 8 hours a day uses only 1/3 as much as running it around the clock so your cartidges last you three times as long!


Brand: WYIN

Type: AC 110V

Plug: 2 prong

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