Pepper Cory Catfish

Pepper Cory Catfish

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Common Name
Pepper Cory Catfish
Scientific Name
Corydoras paleatus
Wild Origin
Maximum Size
6cm or 2.5inch

Pepper Cory Tank Parameters Required:

pH 5.5 - 7.2
gH 3 - 12
6 - 10
TDS 50 - 250
22 to 26°C or 72 to 78 °F

Temperament: Pepper Cory is very active and animated fish that's perfect for the community and planted aquarium. It may eat shrimp fry and dwarf shrimp but they can be kept together with adult shrimp and most nano fish. They shouldn't be in a tank with large aggressive fish. 
Breeding: Difficult
Difficulty: Easy

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