Replacement Reactor M5 - Wet Habitat

Replacement Reactor M5

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A replacement reactor for M5 / M3 / Shrimp 50 / Shrimp 30It is also compatible for the S5 / S3

Instruction on How to Clean Your Reactor

If your Reactor is dirty or contaminated, using a bleach (such as Clorox or ADA Superge) will clean it. This is will increase your lifespan period. Please do not use a brush when cleaning the Reactor, metal coating can be damaged.
If the reactor's surface is covered with algae:
1.) Mix 150ml of bleach (such as Clorox) with 150ml water.
2.) Soak the reactor in the mixture for 30 minutes.
3.) Place the reactor in water with de-chlorination liquid added for few minutes. Then, Make sure rinse off all remaining bleach with running water.
4.) Re-install Reactor.
5.) Ready to use.
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